Baneswar Sarathibala Mahavidyalaya

Principal’s Message

Dr. Narendra Nath Ray


"Success Comes To Those Who Work Hard And Stays With Those Who Don't Rest On The Laurels Of The Past".

We live today in a world that is so different from the one we grew up in. The rate of change in every section is rapid. With the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is going flatter.

We, thus have to recognize the need for a globally relevant education. Such an education would mean imparting skills that would develop mental ability in individuals to confidently interact and work in diverse situations. That is why we have adopted CBCS system. We hope that this will embody self confidence and ‘out of the box’ thought process. We make concerted efforts for a holistic development of the students who enter the college.

The college curriculum is oriented to bolster the physical, emotional, social and cultural needs of the students. A strong requirement today is to simultaneously weave a firm moral fibre in the students’ personality. The key to this goal is to pursue a value based education system. We are confident that the students of this college will get the necessary skills & knowledge to build their bright future.

List of Principals

Dr. Digbijay Dey Sarkar

From - 21/08/2009

To 31/07/2014

Supam Biswas

From - 01/08/2014

To 17/05/2015

Dr. Narendra Nath Ray

From - 18/05/2015

Till Date

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